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Strokeit 0.9 Mouse gestures (freeware)


I just came across this great tool. It is a mouse gesture utility with an incredibly small footprint on the RAM.
Latest version is 0.9.7 and it can be downloaded from the Strokeit homepage
It is (was?) freeware but I think since the developer is moving to new servers, some kind of "pro" or paid version is on its way.

The first impression is not that great since there is no helpfile included; the wiki page also got taken down due to spam (the developer mentioned in the forum he was taking the site to a new server and is just in the middle of this).
But the forum (link on main site) is still well populated as well as a few user pages, such as Leo's Fan Site

The general setup of the gestures is divided into categories by application with one category holding global actions (=combination of gestures & commands). It has a set of preconfigured application categories, such as one for firefox, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, even Photoshop.
You can easily add any other application by either/and adding the executive or the window object (Strokeit has a drop target which detects application windows). Building up from there is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. You simply pick a gesture and add a command to it. These commands can be hotkeys or key strokes, you can run programs, execute scripts, open websites and whatnot.

The worst thing about it is frankly the lack of info on the possible gestures and the keystroke commands. So here is the basic gestures sheet:

For more infos and details on advanced gestures as well as plugins and pre-configured action sets, it is best to visit Leo's site and the forum.