Stuck...copy link location/make 4 personal views

Hi Guys. been reading for hours. this program is INCREDIBLE!

2 things I'd like to get working i cannot seem to figure out.
Any Tips Would Be Appreciated.

  1. how can I copy file location/path link? tried right clicking but it will not allow me to copy, it just offers...
    open in directory opus
    map network drive
    disconnect network drive
    and properties

  2. I'd like some help creating a view (from far left to the right)
    1st view for tree
    2nd view for current location, and then when i click a folder it will open 3rd view to show those files that are in that folder, but yet leave the 1st and second view open.
    and then finally all the way to the right the 4th view be a preview view.
    Thanks In Advance!

Hi, glad you are enjoying Opus. :slight_smile:

(By the way, please ask one question per thread, unless the questions are closely related.)

For #1, see here.

For #2, which part are you having trouble setting up?

There is no way to make a file display function like a folder tree, in that the selection in it triggers another folder display to change folders. However, you can do something very similar by holding Ctrl and double-clicking folders, which will cause them to open in the opposite file display.

You could also have two folder trees, one for each file display, of course.