Stuck on "Initialising ZIP Batch Copy" forever

I have a zip file (created by DOpus) which I cannot extract from. DOpus can view the contents of the zip but will not extract.

  1. The zip file itself is 280mb, containing 195000 files / 1Gb.
  2. I have left it for many minutes and nothing changes. DOpus itself has one thread maxed out but it's clear nothing is going to happen from here even if I leave it for hours.
  3. Windows Explorer can unzip the file just fine.
  4. Clicking the 'Abort' button does nothing. I have to kill the DOpus process to get out of this.

It can take a while if the archive has a huge number of files inside it.

But do you have any useful advice to offer here, or something I can check? I work with very large archives all the time and have not run into this issue before. If Windows file explorer can show the files within a few seconds, and start extracting them immediately I would expect DO can too.

Hard to say without an example archive to check if the same happens here. Is there one online somewhere we can try with? Details on exactly what to do with the archive would also be good.

It could be how Opus is handling things, or it could also be antivirus causing a delay (which may treat Opus and File Explorer differently). May also depend on settings, or exactly what is being done (e.g. extracting to an existing folder may take longer as I think the zip code will check if there are any clashes before it starts doing anything).

I can get you a download URL if you wish - can I send that info to your privately somehow?

Unzipping to a fresh directory does not help.
Turning off AV does not help.
No idea what "settings" you may be referring to so don't know what to look for, or where. Can you be more specific?

Zipping is fine - starts immediately and flies along. I just zipped up 450k files in a few seconds.
Bulk copy of large quantities of files between folders is also fine.

This is on an SSD with no errors and tons of free space.

Please sent the URL via private message

Done, I really hope you spot something here!

I don’t think I got any private message. Was it definitely sent?

Glad you checked, no my message was still in draft!

Thanks for sending the zip! I've confirmed the issue but not had a change to look in more detail yet. Not much of an update, but we can confirm it's also happening on our machines too.

That in itself is encouraging. I have the utmost confidence that you can figure it out :+1: