Style Tab color

I have been searching the forums for this, and have come up short.

I currently have a toolbar with "Lister Style - Tabs" enabled. I was looking for a way to change the color of the tabs. Both the active and inactive tabs. From what I was able to gather, I cannot change the defaults. Ideally, I would prefer this method of displaying my styles over the others. Is it possible to change the colors of this? The search results that claim it is not possible date back many years, so perhaps the feature has since been added.

So I tried "Lister Style - List". With this, I can change the color of the writing and it seems to be ok. Is there a way to change the color of the selected style box? The current style has a box around it, can I change that color somewhere?

Also, when I had it set to "Lister Style - Tabs" I had a label on it that would display the label and then the tabs. When I have it set to "list", while I set up a label and icon, and it does display where I want it when in the customize screen, the minute I close the customize screen, the label and icon disappear.

I tried to check the icon and label properties on both the style button as well as the toolbar. I made sure that both were set to "on," but it did not resolve the issue.

One of the reasons I prefer the tab style over the list style is that the writing is on the bottom of the toolbar, not in the middle, and the highlighted (active) style selection is smaller and is not as tall as the entire toolbar.


The old Style Tabs you can add to toolbars are drawn using the Folder Tabs colors.

(Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Folder tabs colors)

Thanks. that works, but it also changes the tabs at the bottom of my lister panes for the folder tabs. Is there a way for it to only change the color of the style tabs, but not the folder tabs?

They don't have separate colors, unfortunately. Being able to show Styles as tabs is very much a legacy feature, kept around from Opus 9 because people would complain if it was removed, but not something we want to spend much time on. The default for styles is to show them in a menu (or on a toolbar as normal buttons), where you can change how they highlight (along with other toolbar/menu items) via Preferences.

In that case... going back to my original post, when I use "Lister Style - List" instead, I can live with the way that displays, but when I add a label and/or an icon to it, while in the customize screen, it shows up there exactly how I want it, but when I close the customize screen, they vanish, leaving only the styles. How can I set it so that the label displays? I made sure to that both on the toolbar the styles are on as well as the style itself that the label state is set to ON.

If you want a label (as in heading) before the styles menu, add a separate label item to the menu.

You can do it via right-clicking the menu while editing it, or you can drag a Label from here:

Looks good for a legacy component. +1 on seperate colour settings.