Styles and two bugs

I'm a beginner user, and I have some questions:

1.what does the preferences/lister/styles/format/options: "get folder sizes" (default/automatic/off) exactly do?

  1. is it possible to change the window size when I switch styles? Just because when I switch to dual vertical, I need a biger window, than when I use an explorer style.

  2. isnt it possible to set dopus to save the custimization of every folder automatically, like windows exporer does?

  3. i can set the "images" style so that when I switch to it, all of my folders with pictures are put onto tabs(so I can reach all of my pictures easily), but I'd like to remove this tabs when I switch back to explorer; but I dont what to set the explorer style to close the tabs, because usually I need the tabs from the previous style(for example when I switch to explorer from dual vertical). So what I'd like is that, if the style could close the tabs when it is leaved. Is it possible?

And two small bugs I found:
1: If I am at the "File collections" folder and there is no subfolder in that and I click onto the arrow at the location bar after "File collections": there is an error message and dopus wants to restart or to terminate it. "The error(0xC0000005) occurred in thread 'dopus_lister' at address 0x660890.

  1. If I choose "Current Drive" at "Preferences/Listers/Folder tree/Start Folder Tree at", then sometime(it seems random to me) when I start Dopus, the tree of the current folder only contains a "My Sharing Folders" item (which sholdnt be there, If I click it, it does nothing), but not the real subfolders of the drive. If I refresh the Folder Tree, then it is fine.


  1. Can cause Opus to automatically calculate the size of folders. Unlike Explorer... Opus can show you the size of a folder (ie. the size of the folders contents) in the 'size' column. Keep in mind that this can take some time and disk util (naturally) if you enable it to be automatic... the default toolbar has a button that let's you do this for selected folders on the fly.

  2. I don't think 'Styles' save a listers window size... this is the territory of saved 'layouts'.

  3. Again, this is a capability of saved 'layouts'... more specifically, the 'Default Lister' layout. Currently, none of the custom 'saved' layouts have this 'auto-save' feature... just the default lister. Check out the options for 'Default Lister' under the Preferences->Listers->Options page - ie. the Update Default Lister automatically... option.

  4. I'm not understanding how you would expect the Explorer style to 'know or remember' which folders to show you if you don't explicitly set folders for it to open and to close other existing tabs... maybe you'll have to switch back to 'Previous' style first, and then Explorer? Or maybe you can create customer buttons that explicitly close unwanted folder tabs, and then load particular style rather than use the regular Style tabbar to load styles.


  1. Confirmed... will report to GPSoft (though I can't do so until next week as I have no access to my smtp server at the moment... someone else?).

  2. Not sure about this one... but the folde rtree behaves oddly for me in other ways when selecting this option. My tree shows the current drive letter (that the folder my layout saves - D:)... but when I navigate to sub-folders, the tree never expands/refreshes... even pressing F5 does not 'refresh' the tree. I'm using WinXP... what Win ver are you using and what folder load when you start Opus? Will have to dig into this a bit more and see if others experience YOUR results after figuring out what factors cause them...


  1. Currently, none of the custom 'saved' layouts have this 'auto-save' feature... just the default lister.

Now, I see that, if there were a feature like this, it would be more complicated than it is in win explorer: there should be a particular auto save function for every style, because for example one needs a different set of column widths for dual vertical style (or a biger window).
Anyhow, this style system in dopus seems to be really powerfull, it has a lot of potential :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, the simple solution could be an option to close all tabs when one leaves the tab. So not the explorer style sohuld know it, but the style with the extra tabs. But the button or a style to set to close tabs seems good too :wink:
But anyway, I think that it would be a cool thing to have stlye like this. Another nice thing, to put to the tabs of a style, "Program files", "Application data", the folder where I store softwares and documentations and so on, every folder in this (or an other) topic. (or maybe I shold use folder collections for this :smiley:).

I use XP too. I use only three partition on a big drive, C: for win, E: for swap file, F: for everything else. So the only thing I usually want to see is F:. That is my starting "current folder" at the folder tree.
When I start dopus the folder tree seems to be very random:
A) There is a closed F: drive icon. If I click it, there is that "My Sharing folders" item, nothing else. The folder tree refresh helps, or if i go upto my computer in the folder pane and then back to F.
B ) F: drive is closed. if opened: there is the tree of F:, but not the "My sharing folders" item.
C) F: drive is opened and there is this "My sharing folders" as a subfolder of F:. (this is what I'd like (I dont want to click, just to open the F: at the folder tree), maybe without the My sharing folders, but it isnt a big deal if it is there)

In win explorer the "my sharing folders" is a thing in My computer, not in F:.

I found that, it is not totally random. The A) scenario (the real problem: no subfolders in f: ) only happens if the active folder of the layout(or the default lister) is the current drive itself. If the layer saved with a subfolder as the active folder, I got C). But it is still random, the "My shared folders" item is there or not there (if I start dopus perfectly the same way, sometime it is there, sometime it is not).

So there is 4 scenario:

If the F: is the active(source) folder:

  1. closed f: with "My sharing folders" as the only subfolder.
  2. closed F: with its subfolders without "My sharing folders".

If the source folder is a subfolder:
3) opened F: with all of its subfolders and "My sharing folders".
4) opened F: with its subfolders and without "My sharing folders".

The first two and the second two seems random.

More: it seem if I select the "Expand selected branch" option, the no real subfolders problem isnt there(just the "My sharing folders" randomness). But anyway, there souldn't be a problem with or without this extended branch option.

The perfect would be for me: at launch: F: as source folder, without "Expand selected branch"(I hate it), opened F: folder tree (and maybe no "my sharing folders".