Sub Folder on Content Menu

I want to create a Sub folder on my Content Menu list that's associated with extensions (Text RTF) that holds:
Open, Copy, Copy File Name, Copy Full Pat, -Set Label, Delete, Properties.

Most of the rest of my content menu is unneeded junk. I have had help with this over the years but never could complete my needs. Not to the fault of those that tried to help. I just can't get a handle on this issue.

Recently I tried AI and no help. The director directions never match up with Ops 12.33.

Open the File Types Dialog and navigate to RTF.

Navigate to the Context Menu tab and add a Sub-Menu

Add the commands you want to appear in the menu


Thanks for the very detailed response.
I get as far as preference -FileType and nothing looks right for the next selection.

Grab a beer and enjoy the show :beers:

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They are having a poor season with a new young team, but will be back.
See my Off Topic Post from September of 2022 in prelude to their London game at Tottenham Hotspur stadium. At that time, they were still a Superbowl possibility.
The London game was meant as an exhibition of US Professional Football to a UK audience.
It was a very good and on your seat exciting, real US Pro Football game.

Yep, the team name is old and outdated, but perhaps the London Stadium name is as well ?

Leo, move this to off topic or delete if you wish.
I only wanted illuminate what Bob was saying that I knew.
Yep, they won today.

I was not aware of that so I did some checking with Brad and here's what I found.

One of the teams that the Green Bay Packers beat twice in the playoffs since 1970 is the New York Giants. The Packers defeated the Giants in the 2010 NFC Championship Game and the 2014 Wild Card Round.

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Pretty intense. I agree with you. I house thought it was the Bears but I guess their second in line.

WWOOWW. Thanks for all the Work.
Wake up I got as far as 01:38. I'm not sure if you were looking to be on a particular drive.
At 01:40 and 01:42 not sure what has happening. At one point you did a right or a left click on the New text Document. And I don't know if you created the document there are it was already there. And I never could find the f team older that you display at 01:51 called "My New Menu.
But the beer did hit the spot. An so did my Team.
Go Pack!

PS Is there a place I can find out if I even created the folder 00:55.

I sure messed things up on my Topic response.

Sorry for the confusion around 1:38, I should have edited this out. I wanted to create a new demo document via mouse-click, but wasn't used to v12 stock anymore and ended up doing it via keyboard command. This was just to show the new menu in action with an .rtf file.

The main things had happened before anyway, this part was the improv encore. You should see the new menu on any RTF (and nowhere else).