Subversion context menu

My Tortoise Subversion customized file context menu is getting munged. Is this a known problem? Any tips?

expected menu

actual menu

Try the 8.1 preview and get back to us.

Are you referring to
this topic? I get a 404 on the download URL.

Also, are users with an evaluation licence able to preview 8.1? I have an evaluation copy.

Success! I noticed that I had installed, and does not seem to have the problem with the tortoise svn menu. I'm not sure how I ended up with that version. I think I pulled it off Tucows.

On with the evaluation.

Looking good so far. I'm inclined to buy it and pimp it to my friends. I use a mac and a pc, and I'm unhappy with both Finder and File Explorer--some of my friends report the same antipathies.