Sudden change of font size just in one lister tab


Enclosed pls find a jpg.

Suddenly the font size within a lister changes. Probably I pressed a hotkey by mistake. But I can't find a hotkey that would change font size under "Customize ".

I can't find a way to undo the accidental increase in font size except to duplicate the tab and then close it completely. The duplicated tab will then display with normal default font size again.

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  • Ctrl + 0
  • Ctrl + -
  • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel

Hi Leo

Thanks a lot for the quick answer.

full success:

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel

Definitely the hotkey I was looking for, it works, thanks again.

I was loosing some time trying to solve this by google or similar resources before I started this topic. Now I know that this here is the best option for my tricky questions. Thanks again and best regards from Switzerland to wherever you are.