Suggestion: add a preview box of the current selected location, so user can figure out changes

Really amazed how much detailed the software is.
May I suggest adding a small box as shown in picture, and let it display the current location for the selected item.
Or make a fixed preview for each item, so user can figure out the exact place being changed.

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Opus 13 reflects changes as soon as they are made, and already has previews where feasible.

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every time I tell myself to keep going with v12 I find something keeps pushing for an upgrade hahahahaha

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You want to have additional features of the new v13 over v12 but not the upgrade from v12?

And at the same time you suggest to GPsoft to add many of those great new features to the seven year old v12...


Why? They did that already, it is called v13 and it is great?

Why don't you tell yourself instead to go with v13?

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I am my friend.
The more I dig into the software, the more I appreciate it.

I am sorry if my thread annoyed any one of the staff or any one of the members.