Suggestion: add coverart by drag&drop to metapane

Now, it's possible to copy metadata when you drag&drop mp3 to pane (or drag&drop with right mouse button to choose witch metadata).

It's will be useful to add coverart by drag&drop image file to pane.

  1. select mp3s file
  2. drag&drop jpg to pane to insert it.
  3. drag&drop (right button) image to display menu add choose between "Front cover, back cover..."
  4. apply change

That would be cool. :slight_smile:

Plus we can drag images out of MP3s to extract them :duck: :smiley:

Not a bad idea, although I think it'd also require changes to how selection/d&d is handled, since if you even try to drag a file from the same lister to the metapane, the metapane switches to showing that file as soon as you click on it.

Sorry Leo but are you sure ? If you clic on image file when metapane display mp3's metadata, nothing happen until you release mousse button.

Oh, you're right. I think I got confused or was doing something wrong earlier.

Almost 9 years later, says the forum.. o)

Well, I was about to open an issue, because I kind of expected this to work.
Please don't beat me, I just did. o)
But it seems dragging an image from the lister into the metadata pane (still) does not work, hu?

So I wanted to let you know, there is one more person interested in this, thank you! o)