Suggestion: Change tab order in "Simple Find" pane

The two things I change most often in the Simple Find pane are these text boxes:

  • Name Matching
  • Containing Text

Most of the time I don't change anything else.

I think when I'm in the "Name Matching" field and I press the TAB key focus should go to the "Containing Text" field.

Maybe make it an option?

I don't know if many other people would want this change... what do you guys think?

+1 for this

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Tab order should follow the order of controls in the dialog. We would have to move all the checkboxes between the two controls for them to be next to each other in the tab order.

You can use Alt + N and Alt + X to jump to the two fields directly (at least in English; keys may vary by language).

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I understand.
And "Alt + N / Alt + X" will work.
Thank you.