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Suggestion: closing Tab Groups

A way to quickly close all Tab Group tabs. For example: right-click on Folder Tab/Groups/right-click on selected Tab Group would close all related tabs on all displays. Currently, right-click behaves the same as left-click and simply opens the Tab Group.

edit: an even quicker way would be a context-menu option on tabs belonging to a Tab Group: "Close Tab Group".

I have a tab group called "[Reset]" with my default listers (i.e. My Computer on both left and right sides) then I run Go TABGROUPLOAD="[Reset]" which closes all tabs.

As long as it's not hidden in Preferences / Folder Tabs / Tab Groups it will be displayed in the right click / groups menu.


Thanks blueroly. It's a good workaround, unless of course you need to keep the rest of your open tabs. I hope a direct function will be added.

What should count as a "tab group tab"?

e.g. What happens if you open a tab group, then change folders in some of the tabs? Are they still part of the tab group that should be closed, or should they be left alone?

You could save all the tabs in each group with different colors, then have a script which closes all tabs of the same color.

Thanks for the color suggestion, I'll try it. About yout question, if the user moves away from the folder that belongs to the TG, then that tab imo is no longer part of the TG. Perhaps some might prefer an option to still regard it as part of the TG, if the current folder is inside the initial TG folder.