Suggestion DO 11.x

Hi there,

I would have got a suggestion.

I use the Duplicate Finder very often, for example, when pictures are transferred from the phone to the PC. Partially some of the photos on the PC are then already sorted and others have not. Then I search the whole folder for duplicates and must then always select a specific folder manually. This can be a very idle affair with over 1000 images.

It would be nice if at the end of the duplicate file search a list of folders gets where duplicates were found.
Then you could simply say "delete or keep everything in as Duplette in this folder> xy <preferred"

Or you could pre-select which folders retain preferred or should be deleted.

I use Opus since version 8.x and I miss this function for a long time.
The functionality of this program is real madness ..
Nevertheless, I think, this is a function, the use very strongly lacking in everyday.
It would be nice if that could be added with one of the next updates 11.x with.


If you let the duplicate finder select files for deletion, it will always keep the first file in each group of duplicates. So you can usually prioritise which folders' files to keep by sorting the list by Location.

No, unfortunately not.
If I sort the results list by name / time / place then they will only Sort .. Select what you want to delete, I must still itself, because not always gets the automatic selection the correct folder.


I browse an entire folder tree.
This folder tree are several of the same pictures at various locations. I now want to specifically keep the contents of a folder and delete the rest.

At the moment it is so that after a successful search many images are in the favorite of my folder to delete selected and do in the other. so I have at a result of 5000 files check duplicates manually. This is pointless and mega time consuming.ähh .. nop .. sorting after searching sorts only the kind of view not the selectet files. By this way it may be more than one folder that should be keep.

You could use the Select (Advanced) UI, Select command or (if really complicated) a script to select things as well.

Or you could take the result of the duplicates search, turn off grouping, then sort by location and select everything but the things in the folder you want to keep. That's very quick and easy.

But don't forget that there may be duplicates where both copies of the file only exist outside the folder you want to keep.

ok .. there are 2 questions :smiley:

  1. where is the "Select Advanced UI" ??
  2. how can i disable the nerving grouping ?
  1. In the Edit menu.
  2. In the View menu, or right-click on the background of the file display.

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Linked ..

How can i get access to the search resaults by script ? is there anywhere an documentation about the used objects and variables ?

Scripting overview and Sripting reference.

The Script & Plugin Development area also has some commonly used things pinned at the top.