Suggestion: Extending the File Results collection

Hello everyone,

I have only noticed the Find Results collection and its behaviour recently. I've found that while I'm able to copy the collection to give me a more permanent result of that search, it's unfortunately limited to only the results that it matched at the time it was run.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to define a search, attach it to a specific file collection and then have it run every time that collection is open. This would let me set up a number of shallow searches across my drives, such as a collection containing everything downloaded over the past 7 days, or the projects I've modified in the last 3 etc.

I know that I should probably just wait for WinFS - although I've yet to be convinced over Vista - but I thought I'd suggest it anyway, just in case this functionality could be neatly constructed out of the existing components of DOpus.


You should be able to make a button which does a predefined search to a named collection, which pretty much gives you what you want.

Check out the syntax for the Find command in the manual's Opus Raw Commands section and shout if you get stuck.