Suggestion: file path copy from find results windows

When I select file on Find Result window, and press ctrl+C I cannot get filepath. I need to rightclick/open containing folder, and then ctrl+c to get path, it's a little annoying additional step.

Try Clipboard COPYNAMES=unc. In default setup its hotkey is Ctrl+Shift+C.

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Ctrl+C (by default) copies the files themselves to the clipboard.

If you want the file names or paths, there are various options to do that in the Edit menu.

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Thank You both for fast answer. I will use Shift Ctrl C from now.

And for Leo answer - Yes, and no:
If i Ctrl+c and after this paste it in Desktop, or viewer pane - your right. But if I paste clipboard in any windows text field - it gives me a path. That's not working in Find Result Window. But using Shift Ctrl C instead will be enough ;).