Suggestion for Duplicate Finder in DO12

Hi, Long time user, first time posting...

Since DO12 is such a major change-up is it possible to add a MakeLink option to the Duplicate Finder?

For example find duplicates using the checksum, then instead of just deleting the found duplicates, create a MakeLink connection to them instead.

This would free up space but allow the OS and any Programs/Apps that depend on the duplicates to continue functioning as normal.

Is it just me or would this be useful to anyone else as well?

Could be useful, certainly.

At some point we should make it so scripts can get the duplicate groups properly, and then you would be able to make buttons to do anything you want with them. At the moment I think they only get the list of files without a way to know the groupings.

Thanks Leo for the quick reply,

Being lazier than I should be, I was hoping for another option such as the delete checkbox on the "find duplicates" panel. :wink:

However, I agree that being able to iterate through a list of the duplicate groups would be useful, I imagine you're thinking along the lines of the classic findfiles function?

I haven't installed DO12 yet, but after reading of the ability to craft user dialogs, exposing an itemised list of lists (whether duplicates or other searches/listers/collections etc) would be a fantastic way of a expanding the capabilities of DO enormously.