Suggestion for rename while using the meta panel

Sometimes, it would be very useful, if the meta panel would follow the inline rename action (refresh the pane´s contents),
to save the ENTER inbetween, when changing from one file to another. In other words, when i rename track 1, reading information
from the meta panel, i could change to track 2 & so forth in rename mode, & the meta panel would refresh to the according data, etc.

You can use the Increment checkbox to re-number all the track tags in a single change. (Select all the tracks, click the checkbox, then click apply; done.)

I think using that makes more sense than having it happen automatically each time you rename a file, since that would potentially require re-writing the metadata of every file in the folder on each rename, and you may be moving more than one file around. It'd also cause big, unexpected problems to lots of files, without a good way to undo the change, if you didn't intend for it to happen.

Thanks Leo. But unfortunately that works only, if the songs are in the right order already. I just renamed a music collection with no
track numbering, which was naturally alphabetically sorted, but at least contained some ID3 tag data. That way i could read the
track numbers & put it before the tracks names. But i see your concerns now.

May it´is possible somehow, to build a rename script, that extracts the track numbers from the ID3 tags & puts them in front of the file name?

I'm not sure I understand what you're doing in that case. I thought you were renaming the files so that they were in track order, and then wanted to adjust the track number tags to match, but maybe not.

If you want to do it the other way around -- rename the files to take the track number from the music tags and put it into the filename -- then you can use {mp3track|#2} (assuming you want a two-digit track number, like "01") with the file information checkbox turned on. There are examples of that in the Various simple rename presets thread.

Yes, that´s exactly what i wanted, thanks again!

rename *.mp3 to {mp3track|#2} - *.mp3.