Suggestion: make toggling manual sort easier

The manual sort option is a great feature. However, it is a few clicks too many in my opinion, to turn it off temporarily (right click / sort order / off). My suggestion is, that Ctrl-click would toggle/turn the manual sorting off for the session, making the wrench symbol change its color.

If manual sorting is already on, you can right-click the wrench for direct access to a small menu that lets you turn it off.

If it's not on and you want to turn it on, the wrench won't be there to click on at all, but you could make a toolbar button or hotkey which runs the same command as is in the View > Sort By menu, if you want quicker access to it.

Yes, but that's why i suggested a faster way. :wink: :smile:

Faster than clicking a toolbar button or hotkey?

Obviously, yes. When i go into customize mode, to find the whole code to resolve the action, all i find is Set SORTBY=sortlist, where i have to go into the menu, which easily tends to fail, mousewise. I also have to remember, which one it was, the upper menu, or the second one? Ctrl-click on the wrench symbol would be definitely quicker.

It would be ok for me, if we had a raw command like Set SORTBY=sortlist,manual,toggle, to have the whole process in just one command, resp. shortcut.

Cool, that works. Thanks Leo! Sorry, i didn't remember that option.