Suggestion - more scriptable controls


We have currently only buttons that accept user scripted callback.
Could we have also text field and slider controls that accept user setup/callbacks?

Uses are plenty - like custom lister filtering or adjusting volume.

Text fields are something we've been thinking about, although we're not completely sure how they'd work and it's only a vague idea at the moment.

You can get something similar by having a script which adds a command and then using the > command field to access it. With a short or single-letter command you could, for example, type
>x abc to run your script's x commadn with abc passed to it.


Regarding text field, I know about the command entry field, but the idea here is to process input as it is typed/without explicit completion point.
The field could handle callbacks for the current content, lost focus, abandon edit (Esc) and complete edit (Enter) events. For the current contents, delay parameter would determine time without entry, after which the callback would be called.

As for the slider, one would provide slider size and list of values (or range of numbers) with initial value (orientation setting also would be handy). The callback would be called if moved slider reaches a specific value or reaches specific value and is released. Some limitations/handling would be needed for edge cases when someone defines fe.1000 values for a 100 pixel long slider (maybe just have some fixed minimal distance between subsequent values and ignore what's between?). Number of decorations is also possible, like current value displayed in a tooltip, tick glyphs determining concrete values etc.

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