Suggestion: Msg.event = "resize"

It would be nice to have a message event "resize" which indicates that the dialog window was resized.

I'm using a listview control with only one column and no header. The advantage of a listview against a listbox is for me that the label of items can be inline renamed. A big disadvantage of the listview control is that if a string is truncated because it's too large for the listview the column size will not automatically be autosized if the dialog window was resized.
I found a solution that needs another Msg.event like "focus" to initialize the column autosize but it's not really comfortable. There may be several other solutions like measure the strings length in pixel (how could this be done?) to set the columns width but I think a "resize" Msg.event could also be useful for other use cases.

We'll add this in the next update. Also we'll add a way that you can flag a listview column to be automatically resized to fill the list.

Great news, Thanks.

Resize event for scripted dialogs before a resize/min/max of a regular lister can be detected? I'm speachless! o)
If you could add something to detect a lister resize too, that would be nice as well. It would help to get rid of viewer pane, utility panel and not so important toolbars automatically once the lister window size is below a certain threshold.

And lister move!

Has anyone actually asked for that before? :slight_smile:

You're right, it's probably useless anyway. I'm just wonder if is possible to move group of independent listers together by set their positions relative to moved lister. If there will be an option to stick listers together, it will be nice feature (they supposed to be independent single listers like now, but move together, bring to front/minimize together and being one task in alt+tab).

I was trying to made at least bring to front in OnActivateLister but it causes some kind of loop. Nevermind, back to original post and sorry for ot.

12.2.4 (beta), with the dialog resize event and ability to automatically resize a listview column with the listview, is now available.

I'm using dlg.Control("listview1").columns.GetColumnAt(0).resize = True and it's fully satisfying. No need for the dialog resize event at the moment.
Many thanks for implementing this.

I thought I would have asked, but I can only find this little post of mine: Portrait screen orientation: Switching to "Dual Horizontal" via event So maybe no, not asked directly. If you don't mind I'd like to take the chance and ask explicitly and officially now! o)