Suggestion: Open directory in new tab with additional key

DOpus offers many ways to navigate from one directory to another. I mostly use the directory tree in the left pane and the Vista-like drop-down navigation bar.

What would be very handy is if by pressing an additional key (e.g. Ctrl or Alt) while clicking on another directory this directory would be opened in a new tab. This is just a suggestion.


I don't know of a way to do that from the tree but in case you're not aware of it you can do it from the lister pane by editing the all folders file types.

Thanks for the hint, John. This is what I was looking for. Too bad it doesn't work the same way from the tree because I navigate much more within the tree than within the lister pane.

You could add items to do this to the context menu for All Folders which would provide fairly convenient access to those actions in the tree. Not quite as convenient as just holding a key, of course.