It would be beneficial if one had the ability to right click on tool bars and get the option of creating an entirely new tool bar, then have the ability to drag drop appliction and or file shortcuts as needed on this tool bar the user could name the tool bar to fit his toolbar needs. I am new to this program so maybe this is already possible

It's already possible; you just have to enter Customize mode first. (Settings -> Customize.)

OK, I thank you but would not it be simpler to have it possible just to drag shortcut to any tool bar of your choice with out going to customize

That'd also make it easy to accidentally mess up your toolbars. :slight_smile:

Once you have them set up they're not something you're likely to edit every day so IMO the current system works well.

(BTW, if you have features/change ideas this user-to-user forum is good for discussing them with other people but if you want to actually suggest/request anything it should be sent to GPSoftware.)