Suggestions for Dialogs

Hi Developers

Here are some suggestions for dialogs. I hope you find them useful:

Attribute "Visible" should have a value "greyed out". This better indicates properties are available but due to some settings not active yet.
example1 example2
Checkbox "Save captured image as file:" makes some buttons and fields accessible.

An empty (not predefined) Edit Control should have a red strike through (or red background) indicating a required value. Additionally the OK-Button (Exit code 1 and Keyboard) is disabled is this case.

Presentation: A simple line as a seperator. OK, could use a Group Box with the heigth of 1, but ...

Presentation: A Group Box without a title or an empty title should not have a space top left corner.

That would be cool: RegExp for Edit Control. Attribute title should only allow what in attribute regexp is defined. Example:
<control ... type="edit" regexp="/[a-z,_]/" ... />
In the example above only lower caps letters and underscore is accepted. Additionally: When focus is no longer on that field and has wrong values strike through and OK Button (Exit code 1 and Keyboard) shall not work.


(I assume we are talking about dialogs you can generate with your own scripts.)

  1. The Enable property covers that. Visible/hidden and enabled/disabled are two independent properties.

  2. The Cue text property covers showing a hint that the edit field needs input, or about the type of input, using the standard Windows look & feel for that.

    Your script code can disable the OK button as/when it needs to.

  3. Makes sense.

  4. Also makes sense. May be a limitation of the Windows group control though. (I think we are just using that, not drawing it ourselves, so we get whatever Windows draws as standard.)

    You could use a tab control with no tabs to frame other controls. That will also give you a different background within the frame, which you may or may not want.

Hi Leo

Yes, dialogs I can generate in my own scripts.

  1. Completely forgotten. Tried that in the past and did not work for me. Have now figured out that the attribute name is "enable" but in javascript you need "enabled". -:slight_smile: Works as expected.

  2. I know that but that's not the same. A user may still enter a wrong string and I have to check that in my code later. Personally, I prefer to check as much as possible in a dialog. Another example: My Pizza deliverer has something like that on his webpage: Field Zip code has a red backgroud when I do not insert a 5-digit number
    and I can not proceed.