Support Custom Date formats in listers

I would like the ability to use a mask definition to display custom date formats for any column in a lister that currently displays as date/time.

For instance: mm/dd/yy = 04/06/06

I have searched high and low in DOpus for a way to do such a basic thing and haven't found it... the help says that DOpus supports the system date format and that is that. Please correct me if I am wrong about this!

Other masks that would be useful include:

mmm yyyy = April 2006

Or with logic:

IIf(FileDate = DatePortion(Now()),"Today","mm/dd/yy")

Or (yes this is extreme but I bet useful to some people):

IIf(FileDate =DatePortion(Now()) and FileHour<12 ,"This Morning","mm/dd/yy")


For how to change the date format: ... ate+format

I think you'll get "Today" (and the day name for dates within the past week) automatically but if not there's an option to turn this one: ... ate+format

(There's no way at the moment to get "this morning" or other more complex logic, though.)

Hi Leo...

Yes, I referenced that method in my initial post.

I want something much more flexible. Different formats for different date columns, etc. Seems like a basic/essential feature to me!

I like this feature idea.

I'm often looking through thousands of installation files, using the different date fields to figure out what is current and what is not. Not only would different masks be helpful, but different text colors by column. I can't count, the number of times I've have gotten cross-eyed and looked at the wrong date. And a view with only one date doesn't help, because I need to see both the Created and the Modified.

@Nudel There isn't a means to color one column of file data different from another is there?

Preferences - Display - Fields

Thanks, I was going to recommed that, but I couldn't find it. Starting to get so many options that keeping track of them is a full-time job!