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Support for webp & gifv animated images?

I have noticed a new format starting to appear on a variety of websites that seem to support animation.
webp and gifv seem to only be able to be viewed as an animation in a web browser.

Will Directory Opus be adding support for these file formats... or is there a plug-in that I can use in the meantime?

Thanks in advance.

We don't have any immediate plans to add them but may if they become more widespread.

(I don't think I've ever encountered either format myself, fwiw, only webm which should already work with the appropriate video codecs/splitters installed.)

There is a plugin API should anyone want to write a plugin. Preview Handlers made for Explorer and Outlook will also work in Opus, if anyone makes one for the formats.

Thanks for the quick reply Leo.
These formats seems to be the new "Google" Image standard.
They are popping up more and more with searches.
They do not seem to be renamed webm or gif extensions.
They seem to be new formats.
If you rename them to gif you get a "still" of the first frame.
An example is here =

AFAIK gifv is actually a webm or mp4 video without sound and not a "real" new format, so I think Opus can be persuaded to recognize it by setting its extension in Opus' Movie Viewer Plugin (found in Preferences / Viewer / Plugins):

As for webp, it gained limited support in Opus some time ago (you can even use Opus to directly convert it into other image files), but Opus has no animated support for it.

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It seems that these formats are becoming more and more prevalent.
Not just in Google image searches but on sites like Imgur, tumblr and a new format altogether on my news groups. (BPG a supposedly better alternative to JPG)

Perhaps in the distant future support could be added for these:
(*.bpg; *gifv; *webp; *webm)

In my best Bill Lumbergh voice: yeah that would be great!