Suppress identically named context commands?

Hello.. Is there a way to somehow suppress identically named commands (filetype open/edit actions)?


In my case I have a Filetype Group (Programming) which lists .c,.cpp,.cxx,.hxx etc, which contains three context Items:
Editpad Pro

at the same time there are several filetypes which already has defined a open/edit action (HKCU\pasfile, HKCU.pas for instance) with "Editpad Pro", which then is displayed twice.

Is this possible to avoid somehow?
If not, it would be nice to have a group simply override identically named file actions when needed. In other words tell a filegroup it should override identically named (the displayed text) windows actions.

Completly disabling the windows items is out of question as that has too far reaching consequences.

If two things add context menu items with the same name then you'll always get both (they may also do different despite having the same name, of course).

You could disable Windows items and then manually "force" back the ones you want. Probably easier to either remove the Filetype group items (and then just add items to whichever types those three programs missed out) or to tell the programs not to add their items to individual types.