Suppress text files when image folder thumbnails are generated

Hey there,

I'd sometimes like to have a few text files in folders that are otherwise meant for holding 10s or 100s of photos. When I create a new text file however it ends up being in the folder thumbnail for some time. Is there a way to entirely suppress any non-photo image in that folder thumbnail? I'm using the "most recent" option.

The 3D thumbnails that the shell generates? (You'll see the same in Explorer if so, and we have no control over what is included, other than switching off that type of thumbnail. The filenames or dates may play a part in which files are chosen.)

Or the 2D thumbnails that Opus can generate if 3D ones are turned off? (You wouldn't normally see most text file types in those, but it can be configured via the Text-File Thumbnails plugin. Some source-code extensions are included in folder thumbnails by default, but not much else.)

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Thank you, Leo.

I did forget to add that I use 2D so I actually get an idea what photos are in that folder. I'll have a look at the text-file thumbnails plug-in, forgot that might be a possibility.

Anyway, my use of text files would be specific notes on a section of a journey, or to function as dividers between different areas on the same day, since my photos are usually sorted by time as filename anyway...

You should be able to turn those off in the plugin in that case.

If it doesn't work, let us know as that might be a bug.

It still seems to work. Long ago I used the setting there, later changed it, and forgot where it was and even began to doubt there ever had been such a setting.

With RAW/ORF files and no way to easily edit some of their more common metadata fields it's nice to have a way to organize and notate for those with shoddy memories like mine ; }

Thanks again!

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