SVN: access to last commit message?


It's possible to add SVN information (like revision, author,...) as lister column, as well as in the tooltype of the files...

But unfortunately it seems it's not possible to add the log (message) of the last commit for a specified file in the tooltype: this would be usefull.

Would it be possible to add that in the future ? Or maybe it's already possible with some kind of hack today ?

I'm using Tortoise, but not the latest version...

That's the kind of information that Tortoise is best-placed to provide. If they add such a column then Opus will offer it automatically.

For Opus to get the information itself, Opus would have to have its own built-in SVN client (plus configuration/authentication details) which doesn't make sense when Tortoise already exists and works well with Opus.

Of course, but isn't information like SVN revision, etc.. DOpus displays already provided by Tortoise ? I'm wondering if the same way DOpus gets access to SVN revision it could have access to the message/log as well...

Part of TortoiseSVN is a shell extensions that provides some columns like "SVN Revision" and the others you can see in the "Special" column category.

Explorer and Opus don't know anything those columns other than their names and that they belong to TortoiseSVN. It's up to TortoiseSVN which columns it offers and the data that is displayed in them. If you add one of the TortosieSVN columns to Explorer or Opus then they will send file names to TortoiseSVN and it will return the information that goes in the columns.

To get an "SVN Log" column or similar TortoiseSVN would have to offer it.

Ok: this answers my question. Thanks ! :slight_smile: