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Swap Folder name


How do I create a button to change folder name i.e present name is : A - B
Change to read : B - A

I can get the file to swap but not the folder using this in a button.

Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.*) - (.*)(\..*)" TO="\2 - \1\3" AUTORENAME 

I am using DO v11.

Any help please.


Use {parent} instead of \.. for the folder name. If you provide a more detailed example of what you want to rename I can give you a more concrete answer.


Here is a book folder, same as music folders:that I need to change, thay are all initialy on the "D" drive.

Monkeewrench series - P.J. Tracy


P.J. Tracy - Monkeewrench series

D Drive:

D:\Monkeewrench series - P.J. Tracy

Thank you for any help


I am bit confused... you want to rename files and their parent folders? or just some files and some folders independently?

For folders you were probably almost there:

Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.*) - (.*)" TO="\2 - \1" AUTORENAME


Sorry for confusion I just want to change the folders or files names independently.
Will try this out.

Thank you for such speed in responding, this will be a great help.



Just tried it out, works just great on the Folders, but on files it moves the file type making file unusable, can this be fixed or should I use the old and new button - one for files the other for folders.

The Queen Of Wishful Thinking - Milly Johnson.epub

Milly Johnson.epub - The Queen Of Wishful Thinking



This should do it:



Sorry but no joy with this it surprisingly did nothing. Nothing changed.

Just to ask for more while I am so lucky to have you helping, are you able to also add an if/or to it such as -/by. I know it is cheeky asking for more, but I am so going to sort out my book and music libraries this weekend.



Try this:

Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.*) - (.*)" TO="\2 - \1" AUTORENAME TYPE=dirs 
Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.*) - (.*)" TO="\2 - \1" AUTORENAME IGNOREEXT TYPE=files

If it doesn't work you need to post more examples :wink:


IGNOREEXT is the right thing to use with Opus 12, and makes things much easier, but didn't exist back in Opus 11.


oh yeah thanks, of course...

Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.*) - (.*)" TO="\2 - \1" AUTORENAME TYPE=dirs 
Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.*) - (.*)\.(.*)$" TO="\2 - \1.\3" AUTORENAME TYPE=files


It works wonderfully, thank you so much for ruining my weekend - as I now will have to sort my libraries out that have been annoying me. LOL

Thank you for persevering with me.


If this is still an open issue you'd need to be more specific. I have no idea what you need.

BTW: the Advanced Rename in Opus 12 has been massively improved. Especially the macro operations are awesome for whipping libraries of mp3s, pdfs, epubs and the like in shape. Highly recommended.


All has been resolved and working thanks to your hard work. Thank you.

Hope to upgrade soon - any special offers in the pipeline.


I don't think they would say if any special offers are coming soon, but there are always discounts for upgrades. I just upgraded from DO11 to DO12 about a week ago, and it was ~$37 US, IIRC. I would've upgraded much sooner, but I had no income at all until recently.

I've always gotten just about every single upgrade (if not every single one) since DO's roots on the Commodore Amiga (~1990 or so). I have always considered DO to be just as essential as the operating system itself.. Maybe even more essential. :wink:

On that note, are there ever going to be any loyalty rewards/discounts?? :pleading_face: :grin:


The loyalty rewards are all the new features we give you for free in between major upgrades :slight_smile:


Ah yes.. This is true. :man_facepalming: