Switch to existing tab if already open when using locked tab

I noticed weird behavior when using "Switch to existing tab if already open".


  1. Open d:\ in one tab and d:\other_folder in second tab
  2. Lock and allow folder changes for tab d:\
  3. Click tab d:\ and go to d:\yet_another_folder (so later the tab should go back to d:\ when you switch to another tab)
  4. Don't click tab d:\other_folder, but instead - click that folder in the tree folder. d:\yet_another_folder doesn't switch back to d:\ (DO switches to the second tab as supposed, as findexisting option is active)

I think this is everything you need to see that it's wrong, but here is why I find it buggy:

  1. Click d:\yet_another_folder in the folder tree - it will result in switching to already open tab (the locked one) and going to d:\ immediately, which means that instead of displaying d:\yet_another_folder, DO displays d:.

Thanks, will be fixed in the next beta.

12.20 Cannot switch to an existing tab when the tab is locked.

Please give more detail.

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Locked tabs have always worked that way, as far as I can tell. If you double-click a folder in a locked tab, it will open a new tab for that folder (even if there is already another tab for it).

The "Locked (reuse unlocked tab)" mode may be preferable. That will find the first unlocked tab and change that to go to the folder you want.

Maybe it would make sense for us to change what the basic Locked mode does, but this is how it has always worked. (Or, at least, this isn't a recent change in 12.20. I checked 12.14 and it was the same.)

"Locked (reuse unlocked tab)" mode is not what I need.
I want to achieve an effect similar to "Go CURRENT NEWTAB=findexisting"

There isn't a way at the moment, but we've added it to our to-do list.