Switching beteen Pro and Lite

I installed the Evaluation version. I chose Lite. Then I registered the Certificate for a 60 day trial. When I opened Opus again, it was in Pro mode. How do I switch back to Lite? I can't find this option in the Licence Manager. Where exactly is it supposed to be? Thanks.

You can only switch between Light and Pro while using the initial 30 day evaluation which comes out of the box (while using a "stock certificate").

Requesting an extended evaluation certificate grants up to an extra 60 days free evaluation, but only for Pro mode.

We may change this in the future, but the thinking was that 30 days is enough to evaluate what's in Light, while Pro has more in it and can benefit from the extra time.

Ok, I just did that by mistake. I went to "Free Evaluation" on your web page to get the evaluation version. Then I punched in my name and email address and got the code (thinking I would get information about how to download too). Then I realized how I was supposed to do it, and that I just had gotten a code for extending the trial period. So I downloaded and installed Opus. Since I already had the code, I just registered it right away, not thinking that it would limit my ability to evaluate the software. Can I deactivate the 60 day extension, so I can try out the Lite version too? What can I do?

Give this a try:

[ul][li]fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus)[/li]
[li]Using Explorer (or something that isn't Opus), delete C:\ProgramData\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.cert[/li]
[li]Re-launch Opus[/li][/ul]

If the 30 day stock certificate hasn't expired yet, that should put you back on that, with the ability to switch between Light and Pro until it runs out.

That worked. Thanks!