Switching styles messes up folder formats


I have difined a folder format for C:\ (show thumbnails).

When a lister is initially opened in this folder, it shows the contents in details. Not in thumbnails. When I enter a sub-dir and then go back up to C:\ then it does show the contents in thumbnails.

"forgetting" how everything should be shown also sometimes happens when switching styles. Therefore I think it has to do with entering a style. Usually entering a sub-dir and go back one level up solves it.

Can someone explain why this happens and how to correct this behaviour?



It's probably that you've got some overlap happening between styles and layouts...

When you say "When a lister is initially opened in this folder" do you mean when you open a new lister (like double-click on the desktop, or open from a shortcut, or system tray icon) and that C: is the 'starting folder' for your new lister? If so, and your new lister is the result of a saved layout, then the layout is most likely storing the view-mode and should be re-saved as thumbnails... just a guess.

For whatever else you're seeing when switching lister styles. Make sure you can reproduce it following a particular sequence of events, describe them, and then let's see what some of your styles settings are. Maybe something in them can explain what you're seeing...


I'll try to be more precise.

I use the default styles (I only renamed them to have another order of appearance). I don't have any custum lay-outs (in prefs/layout/saved layouts/ if that is what you mean).

Yes. I set up in prefs/layout/default folders/
first file display -> C:
Sec. file display -> D:\

Everything else is switched off in this screen.

In prefs/folders/folder formats/folder formats
I have setup two folder formats: One for C:\ and one for D:. In properties ("edit") of these folder formats, I switched everything off on all 4 tabs, except on the first one, "display." I switched off everything there, except "View." "View as" is set to large icons.

Now, when I dblclck on the desktop the "previous" style is displayed. This style shows two file displays. One for C:\ and one for D:. In both I see large icons, like I have setup. This is how it should be.

When I switch C:\ to style "dual vertical" the contents of C:\ are shown in detail (like it is defined in the style). I expect that the folder formats overrule the display, but apparently they don't.. But when I goto C:\windows (dblclck on this folder) and then go back up one level to C:, then the contents ARE displayed in large icons.

In short what happens:
open new lister (1.jpg)
"previous" shows C:\ in Large Icons (1.jpg)
Goto "dual vertical" (2.jpg)
"dual vertical" shows details (2.jpg)
While staying in "dual vertical" enter a random subdir. (3.jpg)
go back up to the root dir (C:) (4.jpg)
"Dual vertical" now shows the contents in large icons. (4.jpg)

"Dual vertical" is just an example. This happens to all styles.

I noticed one thing that might be important:
This behaviour is only there when going back up from C:\subdir to C:. (eg up arrow). When going back from C:\subdir to C:\ using the "go back" button on the file display, then the contents of C:\ are shown in detail. Like "go back" just shows a cache of what previously had been showed and that "go up" re-reads all settings.

However, do you recognise this and is something to be done about it?



PS having trouble to upload pic 4. (only 3 allowed?) believe me, it looks like pic 1, but then in style "dual vertical."

pic 4

Aha! Ok I think I see what you mean and what is happening. Your first post also mentioned something about setting the folder format for C: to thumbnails... but from your second post I'll assume you've since changed your mind to large icons instead.

Firstly, the folder format you saved for C: is not being invoked when you open a new lister (double-click on desktop f.ex.) because the format for how the lister looks on initial open is stored in the settings for the 'default lister'. It's basically a default 'saved layout'. If you always want to see C: in large icons then try setting the view mode to large icons dynamically, then select the Settings->Set As Default Lister menu option.

Edit note- what I mean is, open a new lister then immediately set the view-mode to large icons, then update the default lister settings using the menu option. If you then open a new lister I believe it should load with large icons...

Navigating to a sub-dir and then back to C: is invoking the folder format you saved and overriding not only the default lister settings but also any settings saved in whatever lister Style you've activated before navigating directories... so I don't 'think' any Styles selection in between directory traversing is really relevant to what you're seeing since navigating to a folder for which you've saved a format triggers that saved folder format by design. If you want that to NOT happen... i.e. for the format saved as part of whatever Style you've activated to remain in effect as you change directories, then I think you might consider NOT saving a specific folder format and instead just relying on the inherited 'default lister' settings to give you your large icons view which should allow whatever Style you activate to avoid 'de-activation' due to folder formats being invoked as you navigate directories...

Any help, or do you have a reason that you need your folder formats for C: and D: that these suggestions might 'break'?

You can also click the Lock icon in the status bar to lock the format to the current one. This will stop the format changing to the one saved for C:\ (etc.) when you go to another directory and back to C:.