Switching to Light Version

I am unable to switch from the Pro Evaluation version to the Light Version. My evaluation has ended and I am waiting on approval from my company to purchase licenses. However, I would like to continue using it but when I click Switch Version and choose Light, nothing happens. It states the Opus needs to be restarted but it never does and never switches so the software is unusable at the moment.

The Light version is cheaper than the Pro version, but not free.

If the evaluation period has expired then neither the LIght nor Pro versions will run until either a licence is installed or a new major version comes out (which resets the evaluation timer to let people try new major versions).

Ahhh sorry I was under the impression that their was a free version. OK will uninstall till I get the approval to buy company licenses. Thanks for the speedy reply

There is no urge to uninstall, since you can test it for 30 days, or (even 60 days, actually). :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry, i completely missed that part with the licence already expired, Sorry.