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Symlinks not displayed in FTP lister

I have just upgraded from a rather old version of Directory Opus to the latest one. In my old DOpus, symlinks on my FTP site used to be displayed in bold, but in DOpus 12 I cannot see them at all (all other files are there as expected). The symlinks certainly exist on the server (everything looks good when I check on my webserver with a secure shell connection).

Different settings for "Treat unknown links as..." don't change anything.

Since my DOpus install is pretty fresh, I should be mostly using the default settings. Any idea what could be wrong?

It seems to work OK here. e.g. Here is a public FTP site you can try with folder links:

Does that one work for you?

Yes, this works (using the same default settings as for my own FTP connection). I've just discovered that the symlinks show up (in bold) if I connect to my FTP server through SFTP (SSH via port 22). And now I can also see them in my FTP folders that use an unsecured connection!

Not sure why, but it is working for now. Thanks for your prompt reply!

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Update: It seems some caching is happening in the background. After refreshing all views, the symlinks are shown when connecting through SFTP, but not when using an unsecured connection. So I'll use SFTP.