Symmetrical, Finger Friendly Win 8 Setup

Hello all,
I find myself accessing my PC from my tablet more and more, either through Teamviewer or Parallels Access. As such lately, I've been making my icons/buttons a little bigger. Including scrllbars a bit thicker as you can see in between the two pains...
I'm also a fan of symmetry so you'll see alot of centered stuff, as well as mirrored left and right displays...

When I saw the thread title I was thinking "but aren't all fingers symmetrical?" :slight_smile:

lol... good point, that needs a comma.... or something...

This is a cool idea! Might try something like this out on the surface!

How do you modify the scrollbars? I wonder if I can change their colour, or is that more of a windows theme thing?

The scrollbar width is a windows setting:

As far as color, I think windowsblinds might be the easiest option:


Happy customizing!