Sync local folder with ftp

Is there a way with Opus to make whats saved in a local folder sync with an ftp location? Thanks

You can use the Synchronize tool with ftp the same as you can with a local folder.

Good to know. is this always a manual process of is there some way to automate this process? Thanks

The Synchronize tool is for interactive synching. If you want something more automated, the Copy Files / Update All command on the default toolbars (or Copy UPDATEALL if you want to create it on a custom toolbar) may be more suitable.

You can add arguments to the command to automate things further, e.g. to overwrite files without prompting.

If you want completely automated synching on a regular schedule that happens in the background with no user interface, you could do something similar using Opus and Task Scheduler, but it's probably more suited to either a backup tool or a cloud storage solution. Horses for courses.

That is extremely helpful! Thanks

It is a little surprising that Dopus does not have a scheduling app, esp. for backups. We all probably make changes all the time, and forgetting to backup is very easy. We require, and need, due to overwhelming demands on us, more and more to be done for use on a schedule.

I know the developers' dilemma .. so much to do, so little time. And they need to make a living too. However, it would be a nice addition to one of the most valuable apps I, and maybe most of us, have.

Regards/Hans L

IMO a scheduled backup should not be the scope of a file manager like DO. There are lots of good programs that do this job.

@HansL: Try SyncBackPro. You can also easily create buttons within DO for running its profiles or do other things.