Sync metadata from one donor file to multiple recipient files

I often drag one file onto another to sync its metadata. Can I somehow "drag" onto file onto several/many other files so that that single file overwrites the metadata of all those it's dragged onto?
Or what other method could I accomplish this without coding if possible :slight_smile:

You can select multiple files to edit all of them at once in the metadata panel.

CopyMeta can copy some metadata.

ExifTool can copy all metadata. Select the source file in the source and the destination files in the destination and run


exiftool.exe -tagsFromFile {filepath} -@ {allfilepathdest|filem} > "Exif TagsFromFile {date|yyyyMMdd}-{time|HHmmss}.log" 

Button as XML
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button backcol="none" display="both" label_pos="right" textcol="none">
	<label>Copy: Meta Src to Dst</label>
	<tip>Copy metadata from first source file to selection in dest</tip>
	<function type="batch">
		<instruction>@firstfileonly </instruction>
		<instruction />
		<instruction>exiftool.exe -tagsFromFile {filepath} -@ {allfilepathdest|filem} &gt; &quot;Exif TagsFromFile {date|yyyyMMdd}-{time|HHmmss}.log&quot; </instruction>
		<instruction />
		<instruction />
		<instruction>// -overwrite_original</instruction>

Thanks Leo! Yes, that is the method I do currently. I'd rather drag a "donor" file onto multiple recipient files instead as that is much faster than typing everything. Is Ixp's script here the only way to do that?

You can, I think.

The same as what you are already doing with one file, except you select more than one file first. Then drag another file on to the metadata panel, like you were doing before, and its values will be put into the panel for the originally-selected file(s).

Hi, thanks for the advise to "synchronize" metadata.
Many times I need to Add, not replace METADATA
Is that possible to enhance CopyMeta functionality by adding a switch to add rather than replace ?
Manually I add to multiple files (rather than exchange) by adding a + before the metadata. + is I think a feature of exiftool that works behind the scenes in Dopus if I am not mistaken.