Sync/Mirror selected folders

Up front, sorry.. should this have been asked before. Vainly searched for earlier threads, I might be overlooking them though.

Say I select two folders in the right window panel, how to have Sync start with those two folders? Right now, they sync panel is showing earlier selected folders, meaning I need to browse and select the intended folders.

Secondly, it would be nice to have mirror option in the sync window.
(I know there are a number of tools designed to do that)


You can drag folders to the Source and Destination fields in the sync panel to change which folders it operates on.

Alternatively, if the locks on the right of the fields are closed, they will also automatically update when you change folders, which is the usual way to do things: Go to the folders you want to sync in the left and right file displays and the panel will be ready to sync between them.

There is a two-way copy option already, if that's what you mean.

Not sure, you mean like this?

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Mirror is supposed to be a 1 way backup, making a kind of 'image' of the source folders.

Are you sure? A mirror reflection is identical on both "sides" of the view. Technically, a backup is where the destination mirrors the contents of the source.

A one-way sync is not a mirror because you could have different things in both sides, but you only want to push differences in one direction.

My mistake. I was confusing that path field with something else.

You can do 1-way copies as well. Which part of mirroring is missing? Could you explain in more detail what you want to do?

What I want is to select two folders, then sync, then copy from folder1 (source) to folder2 (dest) in a way that folder2 is an exact copy of folder1 (i.e. what is within folder2 and not in folder1, should be deleted).
I believe the one way sync does that, alright.

p.s. maybe one day there will be something like sync selected folders, there is no need to click-click-browse... to the folders. anyway,thanks again.

Yeah, you can do that with one-way sync + the checkbox to remove things in the destination that aren't in the source.

Can Opus perform multiple folder sync / back up operations on a scheduled basis, like GoodSync or oher dedicated programs do?

It's not impossible, but Opus isn't really the tool for that job. You would be better using an automated backup tool for that.