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Sync Move


It it possible to add a new option the the Sync Tool?
At this time there will be only make copies on the sny tool.
To merge files from different sources is the sync tool very useful, but on of the folder will be ever delete after merge. Why make copies when after the sync will be delete.


Copy MOVE with the parameter WHENEXISTS set to your sync needs will already do the job.


Where can find it?
There is no option called so?
I use German version of DO.


You are probably looking for a button like this

Copy MOVE WHENEXISTS=merge,keepnewer

For details have a look at Copy and Editing the Toolbar.


DO is new for me and a very complex Tool.
I must find out how it works? Buttons, Listener, Options, Preferences or Script?


Don't worry, once you've mastered the basics the fun will be endless :slight_smile:

Here's the command from above as a ready-to-use button:

Sync Move.dcf (382 Bytes)

Save it to your PC,
switch Opus into Customize mode,
drag the file into the toolbar of your choice,
close Customize mode with OK and
try it out with some test files and folders.

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that is very cool function :slight_smile:
I must reading the Manual.