Sync, multiple searches and slower

a distinction must be made between the following:

local drive to local drive
multi read in = comes from non-functioning bracketing out.
forget to close firefox first.

local drive to local drive
crash = at least 3 or more consecutive read operations
firefox cannot be closed due to usage.

no automatic *.dmp is created.
a manual dmp creation does not work because the task manager cannot decide
what to display from dopus.
switches between apps and background process with different listers (is the same)
and executions. (multiple display although only 1x open)
it does not update the opus entries!
the lister entry for the crash is therefore not available to click on!

local drive (complete) to nas (in directory)
no crash, firefox directory does not exist there, but long waiting time.

start before comparison

during the calculation, therefore shutdown needed, the value doubles!

looks like the existing directory (already calculated)
and the currently checked directory (runs through subdirectories) are added again!

before open saved layout

before start sync comparison (calculation available)

during sync (calculation with subdirectory)

Use the Details tab in Task Manager.