Sync, multiple searches and slower

During a predefined sync, the display shows several times that the content has changed!
It does not matter what was excluded as a directory
Nothing is changed in the background on the drives during this time.

It is noticeable that you have to do the whole thing 3 times until the message no longer appears.

also the comparison and execution seems slower to me than in the 12.
regarding the old one without the pre-definition (management)


That doesn't look right. The paths being synced are blank (and unlinked from what the file displays are showing). I'm not sure what will happen if you do that.

is due to the use of the "make unrecognizable" command (for video)
but has no effect on the behavior of the multiple comparisons! (not sure)

the annoying behavior seems to be related to the windows defender!

if you start the comparison and do nothing in the results window and wait for an indefinite period of time
the message "content changed" appears automatically.

In the main window of "everything" you can see that at this time in
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History\Store
files are generated.

the defender seems to scan somewhere/something in d + j which makes dopus think that
a change has been made!

Getting closer to the problem!
Drive j is not it, same procedure on other drive without message
assumption at the moment:
excluding the directories from d: does not work properly!

I noticed that more often attempts to renew the drive appear somehow dopus overloaded
and then only possible in the takmanger with terminate process.
No *.dmp is created.
2024-01-20 (16.24.26)

confirmed, the exclusion of the directories does not work properly!
on drive d: there is a directory where various programs store their intermediate data.
windows temp, edge browser, firefox etc.
these were excluded in the list, see in the videos above.
if one of these programs renews its data, the message with content changed appears.
this would probably also explain the long comparison?
recognizes that the data has been changed and starts again from the beginning!

There seems to be \* missing from the path. Could this be the cause?

could be a possible cause.
the default cannot be extended with \ if set as input after it.
dopus automatically omits the \ dash!
A * is also no longer possible! (as done with temp, new not possible)

Odd... works here

checked again somewhere else
the input is not accepted?

Yes, now I see it, too. Looks like a bug.

It's only a single * that gets removed. *.jpg would stick.

You can edit an existing entry and add \*.

does not work either

Very weird!

ok, not for me
I have now added it to the *.xml.
remains the same result with "Content changed".

occurred again with multiple tests
at some point dopus displays the message "no response"
can only be terminated via task manager

multiple searches and crashes still available in 13.2
found why it is so slow!

Option no longer available?
Calculate folder is on by default
this was switched off in sync. (created layout with defaults)
With 13 this no longer seems to be possible!
that's why it takes longer because the folders have to be calculated first.
you would have to switch this off first so that it is not used in sync!
or is this now somewhere else?

Yes: Preferences / Folders / Folder Sizes.

I have checked all options and never ran into any problems. Admittedly, I don't use that function very often.

can't set it?
duallister: a local drive on the left, a nas on the right
here the standard calculation should be on.
if you now switch on the sync, the calculation should not be applied during synchronization.
In 12 you could set this by setting the missing option and then saving it as a layout. (did not execute the global setting)
This cannot be separated in the settings!
only collection is possible, but not with sync! (nothing found)
add folder is not an option because it should be calculated as global.

From which setting is this screenshot? I am already getting a bit lost in v12.


have a look at the *.oll of the layout

in 12
getsizes="off" = works

in 13
getsizes="default" = calculation
a change to off shows no change = calculation remains

Are you sure the whole NAS gets analyzed and not just the parts that will be synchronized?

Did the crashes you mentioned occur during the calculation? Has Leo had a chance to look at the crash dumps? I could resurrect a NAS to try this out myself, although I am afraid it's too old to be relevant :blush: