Sync Scroll bar in Find Duplicate + Split window?

is there a way to lock the scroll bar of a split window displaying the same content, but different data?
If the thumbnails AND path can be shown in one window, that would also be helpful.
This view of data set is exactly what is needed for this task, but would be cooler if the scroll bars would sync. currently each window scroll bar has to be scrolled separately

You can scroll both sides at once by holding Alt while using the mouse wheel, but it won't keep two sides in sync if one is in thumbnails and the other in details.

You might be able to have a script which detects change in the item with focus on one side and gives the same item focus on the other side, so the current item is at least visible on both sides at all times. Not sure how well that would work without trying it.

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Alt is helpful, but scripting is for the smart people. Thanks for the ideas!