Sync to sFTPP Site Seems to Sync Everything every time

I am syncing my local folder over the internet to my NAS drive.

I can see the drive and login securely etc.

I have a lister layout to go to the folders locally and on the NAS and when I do compare, it always comes up with the same number of files and folders to sync, which means it takes forever - every time rather than just syncing new or changed files.

Trying a compare now at byte level, which is obviouisly taking an age. If that is successful, in that it shows what I think to be a reasonable set of files to sync, is it safe to just hit the sync without running a compare first?

Which settings are you using in the sync panel?

If you look at the details you're asking it to consider, are they different on the source and destination files?

Some NAS don't report timestamps properly, or round them up or down, for example. So if you are telling the sync tool to compare by time, it may think every file is different, as that's what's being reported.

I would not do a byte comparison here. It'd be so slow that you may as well just upload everything again without comparing anything.

I did kick off a byte compare and It was slow, kind knew it would be, size seemed to work better.