Sync with SkyDrive?

I had this glorious idea to use DOpus to sync my local folders with folders on my SkyDrive. This was driven by the fact that the SkyDrive app itself has some inane limitations on how you can sync different folders, plus the fact that this glorious app is half broken anyway (you better not try and sync folders that have symlinks and/or hardlinks in them...)

My idea was to use SkyDrive Explorer to present the contents of a SkyDrive folder directly in Opus, and then simply sync that folder with the appropriate local folder. Unfortunately, it turns out that this does not work at all, for reasons that I only partially understand. The part that I do understand (even though I think it's yet another shortcoming of SkyDrive) is that I cannot go by time stamps, since the time stamp on SkyDrive is the time when the file was transferred to SkyDrive, not the original time stamp of the local file. Fine, so I thought let's try file size and/or byte comparisons (since I am only going to do one-way sync, that would be fine): Well, it turns out that Opus seems to believe that the file sizes and even the byte comparison are different for files that are supposedly identical.

So, my question is, is this an issue that is fixable? I realize that the answer depends on what exactly SkyDrive Explorer does when it presents SkyDrive files in Opus, and that most likely the issue is entirely on that side, and may not be fixable in Opus. Still, it would be great if Opus could work transparently with SkyDrive files and folders (or GoogleDrive, or whatever other cloud storage people may use). Do you guys think something like that could be implemented in Opus?