Synchronization byte comparison feature request

Byte comparison in synchronization is diffing files that are the same but with different filenames only. Please include a ' Byte comparison - ignore filenames' option please.

Maybe I am missing something but this doesn't make sense to me.

If the names are ignored, what is being synched to where?

Why would two files be compared if they have different names/paths?

What would happen to two files if they had the same contents by different names/paths?

And where would you gain speed in doing this versus just copying the data? (Assuming reading and writing are similar speeds on the devices, the comparison would take about as long as simply copying the data.)

This also could not sync changes to files -- one of the key parts of the Sync tool -- as if you modified one file and it had a different name to the other copy, then there would no longer be anything at all connecting the two files.

2 archives of gameboy roms. Trying to make 1 folder of all unique roms but comparing filenames is not an accurate way of doing this. Getting an RG353V for christmas.

Have you tried Beyond Compare?

No. will look into it.

I think you should try a "rom manager" software, like clrmamepro.

That sounds like a job for the duplicate file finder, not the synchronizer.

The duplicate file finder is useful, in that the MD5 hash can be compared and will find all duplicates and display them, but there is no way that I can see of selecting the files that are not duplicates on one side or the other.

Copy all your files to the one folder, then use the dupe finder to delete the duplicates.

Thanks. Copying both folders to temp folders and then all duplicates can be selected easily and deleted leaving the unique files. But some sort of toggle or check boxes to invert the list on one side or other would be better.