Synchronization taking forever

I'm running a Sync between my internal HD and an external USB drive. Opus scanned all the directories and now it is compairing files. It says "current item", and just sits there using 12% CPU for up to 20 minutes before moving on to the next file. If I look at what it's doing with Process Explorer, I see the attached screen dump. I'm just worried it's doing something it's not supposed to be doing...


The sync tool will take along time if you're comparing the entirety of two large (as in number of items) drives.

For that kind of job, I'd recommend a dedicated comparison tool like WinMerge (free) or Beyond Compare (better but not free) or similar. Most file/folder comparison tools can be launched via an Opus toolbar button (or hotkey, etc.) against the left and right folders to integrate them really well:

I'd fully expect the Sync to take a long time to compare the contents of all the directories on these drives. It did take it a long time to load the list of files. However, now I was expecting it to only have to compare the size and date of each pair of files. Why does it need 20 minutes per file to do this? What on earth is it doing? It says "Current item:" displays a file name, and eats CPU for up to 30 minutes per file.

A few weeks ago, I cloned my 1TB drive and what I need to do is copy any files that have changed since the drive was cloned to the USB drive. I thought Opus would be a good way of doing this.

If you just want to copy changed files, I would not use the sync tool at all. (It's for visually comparing two folders and potentially toggling individual items and on off, which means it has to build, collate and display a huge list of files if doing a whole drive. If you just want to do the copy, you can avoid all of that.)

Instead, use Copy Files > Update All which will take everything that is selected and copy it to the destination, skipping files which already exist and still have the same size and the same or newer timestamps in the destination.

That will be much quicker.

(You can also use the Copy command arguments to do similar things with slightly different rules on when to skip/replace things.)

More detail here in the manual: Copying Updated FIles

Do you, by any chance, have byte comparison selected under Options -> Compare:?

I use Beyond Compare all of the time. I love the idea of integrating it into Opus, and I don't mean any disrespect by asking this. But how is adding a Beyond Compare button on the Opus toolbar faster than using the context menu where Beyond Compare is already integrated? Is the script an alternative or something that is faster, and I just don't understand how to customize the script to my usage?

Leo, I think you're right. Synchronize was not meant for managing more than 1,250,000 files. I'm guessing it was running into memory-management problems. If I limit it to about 300.000 files, everything works just fine. BTW, the reason I'm doing this is because when I cloned the HD, there was about 650GB on the C-drive, now there is 980GB. I'm a developer. I can't imagine I typed in 330GB of source code, so I wanted to figure out what Microsoft had dumped on my PC for Christmas. Synchronize tells me what I need to be thankful for..

Context menus can only select one file or folder. To compare two files/folders, you have to use the context menu twice. With a toolbar button, you can simply click the button to compare the left and right folders, or the selected items in the left and right (or the selected item on the left with the item of the same name on the right, without even having to select the second file at all...)

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That's a great feature. I'm going to have to look for more commands that can make things more convenient.