Synchronize Directory Opus content with Resilio Sync

I am constantly working on three computers running Directory Opus. I have a bunch of buttons and toolbars I would like to have available on all computers but I need each computer to have a different default lister active. In other words I need to share the content of /dopusdata so that every PC can have access to all the toolbars and buttons.

One way of doing this would be to use a handy software called Resilio Sync to sync the /dopusdata on all computers. The problem though is that if I do this, then the lister configuration will also be copied, meaning that all computers will have the same lister activated.

I can't seem to figure out which file or directory that defines the "currently active lister". If I could just exclude this from Resilio Sync I would be able to sync Dopus settings on all computers whilst keeping different listers on each computer.

The current active lister is not stored on disk, until you exit the program.

Then it goes in to the /dopuslocaldata which I doubt you want to sync any of between machines, so you should not have to worry about that file.

Note that some config data is only read when Opus starts and written when it exits, so synching won't cover all details between concurrently running instances of Opus. A lot of the config data is loaded and saved on-demand, however, so it should work with some things.