Synchronize: how to get selected folders into the Synchronize panel (source/dest)

Probably a newbie question, but vainly searched for an answer here.

Say I select two folders in the right window panel and then select Tools->Synchronize.

The 'Utility Panel' will show up, with different source and destination paths.
Is it possible to have Opus use the selected folders and listed in the Source/Destination boxes?


As far as I know you cannot select two folders in the same pane.
But you simply can type in the path to both folders in the synchronization panel (the Source and Destination fields).
The other way is to select the first folder in the right pane and the other folder in the left pane.


Selecting two folders in the right window pane, I meant this


Maybe then something for a future version :slight_smile:

The Synchronize panel works from the left folder to the right folder, so first open the two folders you want to compare in the left and right, then open the panel.

You could make a button which does that from the selected folders if you want to. It'd probably require a small script since it would need to do a different thing with each of the two selected folders.

But it may be easier to simply click the button at the top-right of your screenshot, to open the right-hand file display for the current folder, then go into the desired folders on the left and right by double-clicking them.

Ah right!
Many thanks.
I see it and got it working. Have been using a different tool so far.


You can also ctrl double click the folder you want to open in the right.