Synchronize not working with DOpus 13 and SFTP. Pressing compare switches to Find Panel

How to reproduce on Directory Opus 13.3 Build 8823 x64

Open two folders, side by side.
Left side is SFTP source (other types work as expected)
Right side is any other destination

Open Synchronize panel

I've tried virtually any combination of settings. Always same result.

Click Compare.

No comparison starts. Directory Opus simply switches the pane to the Find Panel with the destination selected.

Don't think I am doing anything wrong (worked on DOpus 12, first time I am trying this on DOpus 13). Hope you can replicate and debug this.


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Do you still see this in 13.4.3 beta or later?

I can't reproduce it, but that may be due to some recent fixes for Sync with (S)FTP.