Synchronize script requested

If i wanted to create a button that would synchronize 2 folders by simply clicking it, what would I have to put in there?

For instance, i have c:\temp and d:\temp and i want to make sure that they are always the same. I know how to manually do it, but if i did not want to go through that tedious process of opening the sych manager, selecting the source and destination and clicking go... how I would create a script that would do it for me. Something that would auto open the source and destination, show me what it i will do and then press continue or whatever and it would process it.


Setup the lister as you want it, then save it as a layout.

Then load the layout through any of the normal methods.

ya that works, but is there no way to simply click a button and it synchronizes a preset source and destination?

You can automate a one way synchronize using the Copy command the various update arguments.

See pages 157-158 of the pdf manual for further details on the UPDATEALL, UPDATEEXISTING and UPDATETOLERANCE arguments.